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The law firm

Studio legale Andreello is an established business in north-eastern Italy, which provides legal advice and assistance to local firms operating both in Italy and/or abroadin China in particular - and to international companies with business interests in Italy.

Founded in Padua by Mr. Andreello in 1999, over the years, thanks to his expertise, reliability and transparency in customer relationships, the company now stands apart and has become a point of reference for many medium-large firms operating in the manufacturing, large-scale distribution, electronics, logistics, fashion and food and beverage sectors in particular.

The law firm primarily operates in the internal and international commercial law sector and principally targets the business world with a strong propensity towards export.

In-depth knowledge of the local economic fabric and the continuous professional development of our collaborators means we are able to offer highly specialised expert advice and at the same time, highly tailored services to our customers, who are quickly and meticulously dealt with directly by the law firm's team members and/or administrative staff.

In the management of disputes we offer assistance and defence at every stage of trial proceedings, before the Justiciary as well as in national and international arbitration procedures, and we collaborate with qualified professionals through our international network.

Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority and we keep our customers up-to-date, with maximum transparency, on the status of their cases at all stages of trial proceedings and-of-court negotiations.

We have chosen a strategic location that is easily accessible by customers, our premises are modern and dynamic and we have state-of-the art information technologies to guarantee speedy communication and problem resolution.