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Destination China

The People's Republic of China has the highest population in the world. Rapid economic growth and a marked improvement in living conditions has made this a market with huge potential.
The Italian firm looks towards China not only because it finds cheaper labour there but also and above all because the Chinese market has become an essential channel for its products.
However doing business in China can often discourage Italian investors; the social and cultural environment is profoundly different and complex and if on the one hand its roots are entrenched in age-old tradition, it is on the other hand influenced by a contemporary political culture.
An adequate understanding of the Chinese point-of-contact, his/her cultural background and, above all, of the negotiation methods deriving therefrom is needed to move in this scenario and develop one's business in China.
If these conditions are not met, an agreement is unlikely to be reached.
Mr Andreello is able to overcome this cultural and communications gap and acts as interpreter for the needs of Italian firms in their relations with Chinese economic operators.
With his direct experience gained in over ten years, his knowledge of the economic and social fabric and strong network of relationships established over time, he is able to provide expert assistance to Italian firms wishing to invest in the Chinese market, with constant shadowing from Italy through to China with a view to efficiency and achieving results.

The Law Firm provides a number of services:

  • study and analysis of the benchmark sector in China
  • tailored search for Chinese partners
  • contractual advice
  • establishment of Joint Ventures with Chinese partners
  • legal assistance for the establishment of Wofe (wholly-owned foreign enterprises)
  • establishment of company offices in China: liaison offices, commercial offices, production sites
  • premises, warehouse and office search
  • strengthening of the company's Chinese market share
  • legal assistance for the drafting of lease agreements
  • recruitment of Italian-Chinese employees for branches and offices in China and relevant contracts
  • legal assistance for the establishment of a commercial network in China
  • interface with local governmental and administrative authorities at all levels for the obtainment of permits and licences
  • registration of trademarks and patents in China and fight against counterfeiting action