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Mergers, Acquisitions and other Extraordinary company operations

These are extraordinary finance operations by firms to increase their market share and competitiveness.

We actively collaborate with our customers and are able to offer expert advice, even internationally, in the event of the following:

  • mergers, demergers
  • disposal of investments, allocation of investments
  • disposal of a business and business branch
  • transfer of a business and business branch
  • leveraged buyout transactions
  • capital increases
  • drafting of non-competition agreements

Customers can count on our assistance throughout the process from contractor selection to managing the pre-contractual stage, from selecting the transaction structure to economic analysis and measurement, to price determination in the negotiation stage through to signing the contract and tin he post-purchase integration process.
At the same time we will prepare all the contractual documentation necessary for the purposes of the transaction:
  • confidentiality agreement
  • letter of intent
  • legal due diligence (full & limited)
  • offer letter
  • purchase agreement
  • administrative authorisations (Antitrust Authority, ISVAP, Bank of Italy)

Our aim is to identify the most suitable legal instruments so that customers may attain a profitable transaction.
In collaboration with finance and tax professionals, we analyse the company's structure and assets, the business sector and market position, employees and the relevant contracts, the company's profit and loss and financial position, contracts and current disputes brought against and by the company and provide an in-depth due diligence report that identifies the strengths and risk factors, while suggesting any measures to be adopted so as not to compromise the outcome of the operation.