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Professional fees

Art. 9, paragraph 1 of Decree-Law of 24 January 2012, converted by Law no. 27 of 24 March 2012, abolished legal fees.
In particular, paragraph 4 sets out that "the fee for professional services is agreed, in the forms envisaged by the law, at the time of the granting of the professional appointment. The professional must make the level and complexity of the appointment known to the customer, while providing all the necessary information as regards the likely costs from the granting of the appointment until conclusion thereof and must also provide details of a professional liability insurance policy covering losses arising from the exercising of the profession.
In any case, the measure of consideration is preventively made known to customer by means of a preliminary estimate, which must be adequate for the importance of the service rendered and is to be stipulated while indicating all cost items for each individual service, including expenses charges and contributions."

  1. Legal professional services differ form court activities and out-of-court activities;
  2. The consideration is regulated by a written agreement between the parties;
  3. There is no longer a distinction between fees and honoraria;
  4. Court activity is broken down into five stages: study of the dispute, introduction of the procedure, preliminary stage, disposition stage, implementation stage;
  5. Quantification of the consideration at a jurisdictional hearing will involve recourse to the new parameters while taking into account the extent and complexity of the service provided;
  6. Consideration for out-of-court activity shall be determined while taking into account the value and the nature of the business, the number and extent of issues dealt with, the merit of the service provided, the results and the benefits obtained by the customer and any urgency of service.
At the moment of the granting of the professional mandate, Studio Legale Andreello guarantees to its customers that is will fulfil the following:
  • Controls and annotations for the purposes of money laundering regulations
  • Declaration for the processing of data for the purposes Italian privacy law
  • Conciliation information
  • Quote-contract for the determination of the consideration
  • Information to the customer as regards the professional liability policy

Studio Legale Andreello is insured by Zurich Insurance Company S.A. – Professional Policy no. 549A0929 for professional liability.

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