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Commercial and Corporate Law

"It is medium to large firms and companies with a high propensity towards export that place their trust in our law firm. Our experience, accrued in the field, enables us to provide assistance throughout the world in the management and resolution of civil and commercial problems that may arise in a firm's operational dynamics.

We will accompany our customers throughout the key stages of company administration:

  • drafting of the deed of incorporation
  • drawing up of shareholders' agreements and reports
  • management of relations between shareholders
  • board meetings
  • preparation of corporate governance rules
  • relations between the Board of Directors, management and shareholders
  • preparation of framework agreements, letters of intent, secrecy agreements and non-competition agreements
  • corporate restructuring activities
  • acquisition of firms and sale of shares or quotas
  • extraordinary merger, transformation, demerger, contribution, rental and transfer of a business or business branch and liquidation operations.

In the case of legal due diligence, we guarantee a targeted assistance to our customers: we are able to analyse and confirm, through a thorough investigative process, the value and condition of a firm, in Italy or abroad, or of a branch thereof, in respect of which there is an intention to purchase or invest.
International customers contacting our firm can count on the specific skills gained in the sector, knowledge of the local economic fabric, as well as an accurate preparation of the necessary instruments for investing in Italian companies.
In the event of disputes, the law firm is able to provide expert assistance thanks to its experience of relationships between corporate boards and director and auditor liability."